Interview with Editorial Cartoonist, Allen Forkum of

A wide ranging interview with controversial political/editorial cartoonist, Allen Forkum, of Cox and Forkum.

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Some of the cartoons discussed during this interview:

A Dream Becomes a Nightmare

The development of Core Curriculum ….

This sketch was done by Allen Forkum.

This further development was done by John Cox.

Allen Forkum says:

“… you can see some subtle differences (e.g., John experimented with larger type on the apple). The biggest difference is that John came up with the excellent idea of integrating the word “hate” into a holes of the safety razorblade, as opposed to my original idea, which was merely a label.”

And here’s the final drawing:

Core Curriculum

Down from the Mountain
(Showing Dan Rather being challenged by the blogosphere.)

And here is the Egoist himself – Martin Lindeskog – at Blue Chip Cafe – just as he’s preparing to speak with Allen Forkum. See the framed picture of a Cox and Forkum cartoon in the shelf above him?


Listen, download or podcast this interview

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