Interview with novelist, Ed Cline, author of Sparrowhawk Series

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Guest: Edward Cline
Novelist, author of the acclaimed Sparrowhawk series.


Ed Cline, author of the Sparrowhawk adventure novels talks about his work and ideas.

Topics covered include

What inspired Ed Cline to become a novelist? About his first professional novel, Whisper the Guns. The unpublished novel starring the hero from Whisper the Guns, Merritt Fury. The use of “British English.”

“Sparrowhawk?? for the blind … why isn’t Ed allowed to hear it? The historical aspects of “Sparrowhawk??: how far did Ed Cline go to gather his background information for the novel? How did gaps in the historical record help in the writing of the story? Interesting insights into Eighteenth Century names. What did the word “freak?? mean in the 14th/15th centuries?

The readership of “Sparrowhawk.?? About the sixth and final book in the series, which is next to be published.

Sales figures. How would Edward Cline like (and not like) to see his series produced for the movies or television?

Ed Cline’s website:

[photopress:sparrowhawk1.jpg,full,pp_empty] [photopress:sparrowhawk2.jpg,full,pp_empty]
Book 1: Jack Frake Book 2: Hugh Kenrick

[photopress:sparrowhawk3.jpg,full,pp_empty] [photopress:sparrowhawk4.jpg,full,pp_empty]
Book 3: Caxton Book 4: Empire

[photopress:sparrowhawk5.jpg,full,pp_empty] [photopress:sparrowhawk6.jpg,full,pp_empty]
Book 5: Revolution Book 6: War

Listen, podcast, or download this interview

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